Curating Warhol: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Columbia Museum of Art — Story by Kara Gunter, Photos by Jesse Cody

How often do we really consider the work it takes to put together a huge art exhibition at the Columbia Museum of Art, like Marilyn to Mao: Andy Warhol’s Famous Faces?  Chances are, not often.  And that’s how the curatorial staff at the Columbia Museum of Art wants it. Everyone on staff works hard to […]

On Andy Warhol’s Jimmy Carter 1, by Ed Madden

  His hand is a fist but it is not a fist.  His watch is on the inside of his wrist.  Doctors do that, and nurses.  But so do farmers.  It’s so you don’t scratch the crystal when you’re doing manual labor, doing something difficult.  Is this a signal?  He is about to do something […]

The Capote-Van Halen Hypothesis: Michael Spawn Talks Guitar Gods and Wordsmiths

  A week ago, a friend and I were sitting in a local tavern, drinking Yuengling, talking literature. Next on his hit list, he told me, was Truman Capote’s landmark true-crime opus In Cold Blood. “It’s a great book,” I said. “You’ll like it. Capote’s got a really interesting style.” “What’s it like?” he asked. “I’ve never […]

A World Full of Love Like Home: Remembering the Craft Auditorium

The Craft Auditorium was what started it all for many. Many young actors crossed that stage that would find a passion for theatre that would drive them to pursue it as a career. Some performers such as Kelsey Chow or Kristin Davis performed there in their youth and later moved on to work on television and movies. Other young actors in the community began at the theatre as young as age five and have continued to study and pursue the art.

For about 40 years, Workshop Theatre faced many challenges and many successes. Through each hardship and success, one thing always remained true—art was created.

The Craft Auditorium was demolished Tuesday, September 23, 2014.

While the art and love of theatre does not rely on a building, each brick that came crashing down that dreary Tuesday morning was full of heart and sentiment.

In memorium of about 40 years with the Craft Auditorium, here are some cherished memories that came from that little corner of Bull and Gervais.

Art and Censorship

When I was a freshman in college, a professor gave us a hypothetical (which, unfortunately, isn’t always a hypothetical in this part of the country): A local parade is about to be held. The KKK has decided to march. Should they be allowed to?

Being the idealistic 18 and 19 years olds we were, most of us emphatically agreed that, no, they should not be allowed to march. It would just be too offensive. They’re a hate group—why should they have a platform?

On Galway Kinnell

ON GALWAY KINNELL by Marjory Wentworth

The poet’s job to figure out the connection between the self and the world, and to get it down in words that have a certain shape, that have a chance of lasting… Morality makes everything worth more to us.—Galway Kinnell