Chris Robinson


Chris Robinson is from a pastoral coastal town on Long Island, NY with horse farms and potato fields, smaller than most in SC, though only 40 miles from the great museums and performance halls in Manhattan. He has a BFA from Florida State (Painting/Art History) and a MFA from the University of Massachusetts (Sculpture/Drawing). He is the recipient of numerous awards including the Leonardo da Vinci Space Art Award, Technarte Best Paper Award, Palmetto Pillar Award, USC Motivational Faculty Award, along with many competitive art awards. A professor of art at the University of SC, his work concentrates on contemporary science and technology and its role in decision-making through installations and digital drawings. Robinson crosses the two cultures, has over $3.5 million in funded research, and has lectured, written, and exhibited extensively throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. He has two children, Justin and Sarah, two grandchildren, Ella and Evie, and another on the way. Chris joined Jasper Magazine because he believes it plays a vital role in organizing, educating, and guiding the rapidly emerging Midlands arts community, and thinks it’s important to establish meaningful relationships between the university and the broader Columbia arts community. He aspires to help provide meaning, educate, and illuminate the role education plays in viewing, enjoying, and understanding the visual arts. Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit is among the many tunes he would consider for a theme song.


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