What is the Jasper Salon?

The Jasper Salon is a series of events in which we ask artists from different disciplines to talk about their work and somehow affect the attendees, made up of artists and patrons, in a way that allows them to be more engaged in the presenting artist’s specific discipline. For example, we’ve have casts and directors from Trustus Theatre come and run scenes with the attendees and then talk about methodology. We’ve had Columbia City Ballet come and talk about technique as well as costuming and special effects. We’ve had many poets and authors read from their new books. We typically have representation at the salons from all different arts disciplines—and THIS is the point. Our mission is to do our part in growing an arts community made of artists who are also patrons of other art disciplines, thereby creating an arts community that is not only less susceptible to the fluctuations of economy and political powers, but also more cohesive, collaborative, and mutually inspirational.

For more information on how to become involved in a Jasper Salon as a presenting artist contact Cindi@JasperColumbia.com.

To become a member (attendee) of the Jasper Salon, click here and we’ll send you notifications about upcoming salons.

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