W. Heyward Sims


Minus a one year stint at the turn of the century residing in the 24153, W. Heyward Sims has been situated near or a stone’s throw away from the 29205 since 1981.  His days are spent alongside Lauren and Will Mancke at the dynamic Northbound Design, where the triumvirate is dedicated to making the web a sweeter place to surf.  The nights of the last 12 years found him parading around under names such as Bolt, The Fastest Steed on Earth, Death Becomes Even the Maiden, and Parlour Tricks.  He’s currently writing and recording Pineapple Flex, his second recording as Devereaux, and the follow up to the Cacti Pace EP released last year by Post Echo.  Sims was lured into the Jasper coterie by the fringe benefits and the creative freedom.  If he had to pick a theme song for himself, it might be Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence.”


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