Welcome Jasper’s 2016 Summer Interns




My name’s Ony Ratsimbaharison and I grew up here in Columbia, and studied Writing for Print and Digital Media at Columbia College, where I graduated in 2014. I play bass in a band called fk mt. and have been playing guitar for almost 10 years. My favorite band is Unwound because they made me think of music in a totally new way when I first started playing electric guitar. Their music still resonates with me today, and they continue to be a big influence on my songwriting. One of my favorite writers is Haruki Murakami because his writing makes me notice the surreal and unreal in everyday life. I look forward to writing about music, films and books for Jasper.


My name is Mary Catherine Ballou and I am from Columbia, SC. I received a BA in English and French from Emory University and I enjoy drawing, painting, and making music. My art experience includes a Visual Arts magnet program in high school, art classes in college, and singing and listening to music as much as possible. I admire many artists but some of my favorites include Mark Rothko, Salvador Dali, and Frida Kahlo. I love the colors in Rothko’s pieces, and I admire the freethinking and confidence embodied in both Dali’s and Kahlo’s artwork. One of my favorite musicians is Patti Smith because I think she channels raw musical emotion through her work, and I admire her combination of poetry and rock and roll. I look forward to writing about visual art and music for Jasper.

Olivia Morris

My name is Olivia Morris, I grew up in North Augusta, South Carolina, and I’m majoring in International Studies at the University of South Carolina. I have written for The Yellow Jacket newspaper, The Daily Gamecock newspaper, and the SIR Journal. My favorite artist is poet Barbara Guest because of her piercing wit, musicality, and resourceful abstractions. My favorite film is Synecdoche, New York because it is both magically inventive and realistically human.

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