Junk Car in Snow

By Ron Rash from Wakings No shade tree surgery could revive its engine, so rolled into the pasture, left stalled among cattle, soon rust-scabs breaking out on blue paint, tires sagging like leaky balloons, yet when snow came, magical, an Appalachian igloo I huddled inside, cracked glass my window as I watched snow smooth pasture as though a quilt for winter to rest upon, and how quiet it was – the creek muffled by ice, gray squirrels curled in leaf... Read More

Ron Rash – The Great Joy of Reading Southern Writing

By Cynthia Boiter Ron Rash speaks the way he writes, with a voice that is rich with history, low and close to the earth, reflecting the humble wisdom that comes from learning from the past and listening to the lessons of nature and the stories of one’s ancestors. A father, teacher, husband, poet, Rash is, above all, a gifted wordsmith who wraps his words around his readers with tender precision. Born in Chester, South Carolina, Rash’s people,... Read More