Natalie Brown – Keeping the Circus Going

By Cynthia Boiter Keep the circus going inside you, keep it going, don’t take anything too seriously, it’ll all     work out in the end. — David Niven Many years ago, and certainly before Columbia performing artist Natalie Brown was born, there was a game show which ran on the CBS network from 1950 until 1967 called What’s My Line? The point of the program was for four regularly appearing celebrity panelists to try to guess... Read More

Editorial- Issue 3

Dear Friends, Endings and beginnings of everything, especially years, are a time for looking back and forward, realizing regrets and taking pride, learning lessons and patting one’s self on the back, being sad and being optimistic. At Jasper, we asked a group of artists and arts lovers what kind of New Year’s resolutions and wishes they would make for the Greater Columbia Arts Community, particularly if money was no object. As it turns out, money,... Read More