ESSAY by Ed Madden — Tonight, it’s a birthday party, or transformation, beauty, and community at GUESSWORK

      The big garage doors are open, the weather perfect.  It used to be a radiator shop, I think, its bays marked by the row of rolled-up doors.  Now it’s an artist’s studio, painted red.  Tonight, it’s a birthday party.  There’s a grill pulled out, smoke seeping from under the lid.  There’s an old green sofa pulled out onto the gravel near the grill.  Small chairs orient themselves around the sofa.  A bar against... Read More

Wearable Art

By Kristine Hartvigsen With this article, Jasper introduces an occasional series on wearable art by Columbia-area artisans. This first in the series focuses on two local women who create hand-crafted art jewelry. The stunning, straight-talking redhead who manages the Museum Shop at the Columbia Museum of Art, Bohumila Augustinova is perhaps best known around local art circles as the talented designer who won the Columbia Design League’s annual... Read More