Kristine Hartvigsen


Kristine Hartvigsen was born in San Francisco, CA. An Army brat for many years, she found herself in Columbia after her father retired at Fort Jackson. She earned a BS degree in education from the University of SC and returned to USC to pursue a master’s in journalism. During that time, she began her professional career at The State and The Columbia Record newspapers in the mid-1980s. Her writing and editing have received multiple local ADDYs, as well as awards from the SC Press Association and the Carolinas Association of Business Communicators. She is the former editor of South Carolina Business, Northeast Columbia, and Lake Murray Columbia magazines. A two-time finalist in the SC Poetry Initiative’s Single Poem Contest, she is the author of To the Wren Nesting, published in 2012 by Muddy Ford Press. Kristine feels an actual printed arts magazine is a vital indicator of the broad talent and the quality of life in Columbia, both of which are critical to attracting business and new investment to the area. When she was a blonde, Kristine was mistaken for Hillary Clinton in a New York restaurant in 1996. She is the mother of a budding writer and artist, Colin Anderson, and lives in Irmo. If she were to adopt a theme song, it would be “Imagine” by John Lennon.

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