Women Artists

By Virginia Scotchie Professor of Art University of South Carolina In 1992 I moved to Columbia from Indiana to serve as Head of the Ceramic Area Studio at USC. The tenure track position was very interesting to me for many reasons. First, it would give me the opportunity to develop an international program in the ceramic arts. Secondly, I grew up in Asheville so being closer to my family and the many artists I know in the Southeast was a plus. During... Read More

Special: Artist Bruce Nellsmith Writes About Six Women Who Make a Difference in Columbia Arts

This article focuses on six women who have made significant contributions to the Greater Columbia Arts Community. I chose these women, from a long list of equally qualified candidates, because of their tireless commitment to the arts and their community. Next year, it will be another artist’s opportunity to select six accomplished and illustrious women. But for this year, it was my honor. “While surrounded by America’s perfect storm of unaccountability... Read More

Editorial- Issue 4

Dear Friends, When our design editor Heyward Sims came up with the idea of making the cover of our first annual Women’s Issue pink, I was hesitant at first. I’m not much of a pink person. In fact, I haven’t worn the color much since I was pregnant and trying to will the universe to give me daughters – which, by the way, it did. I was hesitant because, like all of us, I’ve been mercilessly exposed to the social construction that pink is for... Read More