Jasper Watches

 Filmmaker Wade Sellers is no spring chicken as the saying goes, but he’s still pretty youthful in appearance and manner, and he has a mischievous look about him that communicates the kind of curiosity that can either mean trouble or brilliance. Or both. It’s not hard to imagine him 30 years younger, rummaging around West Columbia with his father’s Super 8 camera, making movies and enlisting his friends to star in them and create the sets.... Read More

Cover Story/Jasper Watches Lyon Hill

By August Krickel Visual artist. Graphic illustrator.  Award-winning indie film maker.  Puppeteer.  Children’s entertainer.  Avant-garde event organizer. Suburban husband and dad.  Dark (and vaguely disturbing) visionary.  Lyon Hill wears any number of hats, and is one of a growing number of local artists who are able not only to follow and develop their own creative vision, but to make a living doing so here in the Midlands, and attract... Read More