Lee Ann Kornegay: The Beat Goes On

By Kristine Hartvigsen Try to focus your lens on Lee Ann Kornegay, and you better be able to capture a moving target. One moment the Columbia producer and award-winning documentarian is reading research and sipping wine on her front porch; the next she is hundreds of miles away wailing on a djembe at a mountain-top drum circle or even riding bareback on a sandy beach in Cote d’Ivoire. Those who know Kornegay for her documentary work that has raised... Read More

Jasper Watches

 Filmmaker Wade Sellers is no spring chicken as the saying goes, but he’s still pretty youthful in appearance and manner, and he has a mischievous look about him that communicates the kind of curiosity that can either mean trouble or brilliance. Or both. It’s not hard to imagine him 30 years younger, rummaging around West Columbia with his father’s Super 8 camera, making movies and enlisting his friends to star in them and create the sets.... Read More