Jasper Watches

 Filmmaker Wade Sellers is no spring chicken as the saying goes, but he’s still pretty youthful in appearance and manner, and he has a mischievous look about him that communicates the kind of curiosity that can either mean trouble or brilliance. Or both. It’s not hard to imagine him 30 years younger, rummaging around West Columbia with his father’s Super 8 camera, making movies and enlisting his friends to star in them and create the sets. “I would buy film every Friday at Kmart and I’d call some friends and say I wanted to do a horror movie and we’d put it all together on the spot,” Sellers remembers. “Someone would be burning off a field and my brother and cousins and I would get my dad’s old Air Force uniforms and we’d make a war movie with the fire and the smoke of a burning field,” he says. “It was so much fun.” That sense of playfulness and excitement about the act and all the elements of making a film are still evident today, both in Sellers’ work and the artist himself.

Sellers’ interest in filmmaking only slightly waned in his teen years when he spent more time making music than films. Along with now-famous drummer, Derek Roddy, Sellers, Robert Peterson, and James Watson formed the band, The Deboning Method. “There was a circle of three bands including, The Deboning Method, Sovereign, and Crossfade,” Sellers says. “We were pretty good and we made a little money.” Eventually Sellers moved to Atlanta to study music at the Atlanta Institute of Music. It was while working one of two jobs in Atlanta – delivering office supplies by day and making pizzas at Mellow Mushroom at night – that Sellers found himself in the position of entering the filmmaking profession literally from the ground floor. “If you deliver office supplies you can get in anywhere,”

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