Editorial- Issue 1

Dear Friends,

 Building a local arts magazine from the ground up must be something akin to building a guest house. You know what you want it to look like, and you hold dear the message you want to convey to your friends – you are welcome here, the door is always open, we want you to feel as if this is a place where you can come to be nurtured, to enjoy yourself, to reflect and grow.

 But it would take a fool to try to undertake either endeavor as a solo effort. As much as the carpenter needs the brick mason, electrician, and plumber, the writer needs the photographer, the graphic designer, and businessperson. And she needs writers – many, many writers, their strong and experienced hands armed with the hammer and words that are essential to building a publication that will stand up to the test of time and shelter many storms.

 It has been my great pleasure to work with such a team of impassioned artists and technical experts over the past, well, a little less than two months really, as we have designed and crafted your new arts publication, Jasper Magazine – The Word on Columbia Arts. These artisans have shared and improved my vision, implemented ideas only after translating them from my insufficient lay-person’s language into the jargon of their fields of expertise, and contributed hand-hewn hunks of mortar to the project in the form of God-containing details that will impart lasting personality on our final product. They have given generously, not just of their abilities, but of the greater gifts of honesty, support, and counsel, as well.

 It is my great honor to formally introduce the family and staff of Jasper Magazine.

 Graphic designer, W. Heyward Sims, creates the framework on which our writers and photographers can build their stories and illustrations. On the editorial side of the table, Ed Madden, Kristine Hartvigsen, Kyle Petersen, and Michael Miller, give voice to the varying people and pockets of talent we find in the Columbia arts community, and photography editor, Mark Green, gives our stories a visual life. Lenza Jolley is our web maven and liaison with the cyberworld; Margey Bolen helps with PR; and Karina Salehi convinces our clients they should believe in us and buy an advertisement. And, Bob Jolley, in addition to being my long-time traveling partner, publishes Jasper as a division of Muddy Ford Press. Helping out this time were the talented pens and lenses of Bonnie Boiter-Jolley, Jeffrey Day, August Krickle, Kaitlyn Ohlinger, Jonathan Sharpe, and Thomas Hammond.

 On behalf of everyone, welcome to our humble abode. We invite you to make yourselves at home, put your feet up, and stay a while. We made this place for you.

 All the best,



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