Jasper Number 11 Reads Poem Ancrom

Double Rainbow 

George saw it too
she said   sitting in
lattice-work hose
thick black shoes
at the Riverfront
drumming with her
lithe lucent fingers
tripleting the beat
driving home
a pale orange moon
bobbing above
the lavish oaks
the ball spoke:  tell all
tell all   it invoked
what came next,
the days since then

by Nan Ancrom

 Nan Ancrom was the class poet of Beaufort High School.  Her poems have appeared in The Nation, Rolling Stone, and many other journals.  She has received four residential grants from the Wurlitzer Foundation of Taos, New Mexico, and one from the Ragdale Foundation of Chicago.  Ancrom is currently the SC poetry fellow, recipient of a fellowship from the SC Arts Commission.

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