It’s Jasper Intern Time! Summer & Season!


Jasper is looking for interns for Summer 2016 and Season 2016-17!

Jasper is looking for interns for both Summer and Fall, Winter, Spring 2016 – 17.

Summer interns – we need two!

May 23 – August, 2016


Season interns – we need four!

August 2016 – May 2017

WANTED: Summer and Season interns for Jasper Magazine.


  • Must be 18 or older and enrolled in or a recent college graduate.
  • Must have excellent writing skills.
  • Must be interested in improving these skills and see correction as an oppotunity for growth.
  • Design skills are not required but they make you look very pretty to us. The greater the skills, the cuter you become.
  • Must — MUST — be a self-starter. This is the time when you get to try out your ideas and see if they fly. (Read – you will be expected to come up with your own ideas and follow through on them with our guidance. While we will not be holding your hand, we will be whispering in your ear, patting you on the back, and giving you both dirty looks and nods of approval. This HAS to work for you or  you won’t be happy working for us.)
  • Must be able to work at home in your PJs but still get the job done and get it done on time. This may sound easy, but it’s not — some people are suited for this, other very talented, well-meaning people suck at this. Know thyself.
  • Must believe in the ability of the arts to both document and change the world.
  • Must have a love/hate relationship with deadlines.
  • You may be suited for this job if you like art, artists, smart people, talented people, irreverence, silliness, people who act like they never work but work all the time, talking to strangers, ignoring assholes, cursing, learning a lot about something you didn’t know you were even interested in, and being paid with hugs and beer.
  • You may not be suited for this job if you are lazy, afraid or disrespectful of nerds, money-hungry, are looking for the traditional office/work situation, if you don’t believe in your own ability to create something other people may or may not value, or if you have no respect for the Oxford comma.


To apply, send an email explaining why you want to be and think you would be an excellent Jasper intern to Tell us

  1. Where you are in school.
  2. What your major is.
  3. What your art proclivities are or have been. (Have you ever taken dance or piano or written poetry or for your school paper? Did you know what “proclivities” meant without looking it up or did you look it up or ignore it?)
  4. The last three books you REALLY read.
  5. Who you support in the 2016 presidential election and why.

Summer deadline = May 16, 2016

Season deadline = June 15, 2016

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Artfields 2016 Winners Announced

On April 22nd, Artfields opened its doors and storefronts and abandoned buildings and fields of grass. Eight days, thousands of visitors, and almost 400 pieces of original art from 12 Southeastern states later, the 4 year old competitive art festival announces its 2016 winners, with Elgin’s Tyrone Geter being awarded a $1000 Judges’ Award of Merit for his installation “Mother Nature’s Last In-House Domestic Worker.”

artfields tyrone geter


$50,000 Top Prize Winner
Charles Clary—Be Kind, Rewind

$25,000 Juried Prize Winner
Brent Pafford—Remember This As a Time of Day

$12,500 3-D People’s Choice Winner
Jocelyn Chateuavert—Invasive Species

$12,500 2-D People’s Choice Winner
Aron Belka—Contact Tracings

Judges’ Award of Merit
Sponsored by The Citizens Bank

Susie Ganch—Drag (Diptych)

Heather Mae Erickson—American Values/Handmade in America

Brad Williams—Of the Earth

Colin Quashie—French Toile, Negro Toil

Michael Logan Woodle—Clabber Ladle

Wanbli Hamilton Gamache—Excavations

Logan Tanner—Hog

Ken Hamilton—E-Z Rest Motel

Tyrone Geter—Mother Nature’s Last In-House Domestic Worker

Stacy Rexrode—Quasi-Delft Bequest

Jasper congratulates all the winners and participants in this year’s festival! 

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Q & A with filmmaker Lauren Greenwald By: Alivia Seely


As an artist, filmmaker, photographer, and professor, Lauren Greenwald has led a busy life thus far.

Greenwald put her many skills to the test with a video project instalment called Waterway that was showcased at Indie Grits this year. This was her first artist appearance at the festival. Indie Grits is an annual film festival hosted by The Nickelodeon Theatre. The four-day festival showcases film, music and visual artists in the southeast region.



As a South Carolina native, how did the flood affect your video installment for Indie Grits?


Greenwald: I recently returned to South Carolina after almost 20 years. I was originally planning on creating a video about the river for Indie Grits, but the flood and the history-making aspect of it prompted me to turn my focus towards the river and South Carolina waterways in general in history and documentation. I’m using a lot of found footage to create a video piece.



What type of preparation and background research did you have to do for this video?


G: This video piece was not a document, but a collection of imagery, historical and contemporary, of the rivers and waterways, both natural and manmade. I’m interested in the various paths water takes through the state and in representing it in a non-narrative manner.



How do you think this year’s festival theme Waterlines will effect the city of Columbia, given the flood back in October?


G: It’s was very timely, and I feel was a great response to the events of this past fall. Many natural disasters arrive and then disappear quite quickly from public consciousness, while the reality, especially for those who were directly affected, is much different. Just as Columbia is still working to repair the damage to the dam and other elements of infrastructure, just as people are still recovering from displacement and loss of property and life, this is an event that should still be present in our consciousness. I think the festival was a good commemoration and celebration of recovery and renewal.


In what ways did you see the Indie Grits festival increase art awareness for the city and people of Columbia?


G: I think it brings Columbia into the national and international arena. Indie Grits is a world-class film festival, and brings talent from well outside South Carolina. This year’s celebration of its 10th anniversary, with all of the programming available for free, hopefully encouraged the people of Columbia to engage in this amazing cultural event and to recognize that they should support such events in the future.



What advice have you been given that inspires your work, and what advice do you give your students?


G: I was told once not to worry about what I should do, but to pay attention to what I love and am attracted to. The rest will find a way of working out.

I advise my students to stay curious and to read about everything and look at everything. Learn another language, live abroad, be engaged, and keep trying new things. Art can’t be made without learning and investigation.




In between getting her bachelor’s from the College of Charleston in 1997 and her masters of fine arts from the University of New Mexico in 2011, Greenwald worked in the field of architecture and production. She even took her skills across the pond and owned her own project management business in France. Since 2011, she has taught photography at a college level, and in 2014, she joined the visual art and design faculty at the University of South Carolina.

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