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The Columbia Fall Line is a natural junction, along which the Congaree River falls and rapids form, running parallel to the east coast of the country between the resilient rocks of the Appalachians and the softer, more gentle coastal plain.


It was almost a year ago when I first asked Tony Tallent, Lee Snelgrove, Jonathan Haupt, and Ed Madden to meet with me to talk about the prospects of a  professional quality literary journal based out of Columbia, SC. My hope was for a yearly journal that we could publish as a summer reader in lieu of the July/August issue of Jasper Magazine. In the best of all possible worlds the book would be the same size as Jasper–but with more pages–perfect bound, and free, both to submit to and to take home. I wanted the advice of these gentlemen on whether this was a feasible endeavor. Once we had batted the ball around the room several times and decided it could and should be done, I wanted their help. They delivered it generously.

On June 8th, the city of Columbia will celebrate the launch of Fall Lines – a literary convergence. We chose the name Fall Lines because we wanted to honor our city and the energy that the falling waters of the Broad and Saluda Rivers bring our way. Almost 500 submissions were entered into consideration for publication in Fall Lines. From them, 30 were accepted and seven others came to us via  invitation. In addition to winners in the fields of poetry and prose, Fall Lines will also publish work by the SC Academy of Authors 2014 fellowship winners Nancy Brock and Jo Angela Edwins; three essays from USC Press’s upcoming second volume of Aida Rogers’ State of the Heart (by Christopher DickeyJosephine Humphreys, and Ray McManus); as well as poetry by SC Poet Laureate Marjory Wentworth, (sponsored by Roe Young and the Roe Young State Farm Insurance Agency.) Local designer and Jasper art director Heyward Sims designed the cover of the book. It is 98 pages long and, as always, Muddy Ford Press made it all happen.

Thank you to Tony Tallent for bringing in Richland Library as a major partner on Fall Lines, as well as the Richland Library Friends who are generously awarding the cash prizes ($250 each) to the winners of the Saluda River Prize for Poetry and the Broad River Prize for Prose. Richland Library will also offer the book in its entirety as an E-Book through the library system. Thank you to Lee Snelgrove and One Columbia and to Jonathan Haupt and USC Press for partnering with us. Thanks to Tom Mack and the SC Academy of  Authors and to Roe Young and the Roe Young State Farm Agency. Thanks to our advertisers: Trustus, Ed’s Editions, Gallery West, and The Whig. Thanks most of all to Ed Madden who, of late, is more often my partner in crime than not. And my dear, dear friend.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the contributors to the 2014 inaugural issue of Fall Lines – a literary convergence literary magazine.

Dig and Delve – Nicola Waldron

April, 1965 – Betsy Breen

Soon – Jonathan Butler

Accidentals – Mary Hutchins Harris

Forgotten – Marjory Wentworth

Militants Ban School Bells in a Town in Somalia – Marjory Wentworth

Taste the Sound – Jennifer Bartell

Davy Crockett’s Last Stand – Nancy Brock

Like – Jo Angela Edwins

Island Time – Josephine Humphries

What I wish I had said to Billy Collins – Brandi Perry

Queens – Alexis Stratton

Almost – Angie Zealberg

Ghost Crabs – Hastings Hensel

Lap – Robert Petersen

Like a little bell he trembles III – Matthew Stark

Pilgrimage – Christopher Dickey

Want a ride? – Aïda Rogers

A Bike – Bob Blencowe

Cancer Voodoo II – Melissa Johnson

The Ache of Beekeeping – Tony Tallent

Ruts – Ray McManus

At Congaree Swamp – Nicola Waldron

My Father’s Chest – Jarred Coffin

Jumping into the Abyss of History, A Prologue – Megan Volpert

you burn me – Susan Laughter Meyers

The Gunpowder Craze – Doug Berg

One Quiet Morning – William Claxon

In May’s Blue Box – Linda Lee Harper

What Tassio Fulgrass Thinks of Life – Susan Levi Wallach

Letting You Die – Marlena Impisi

early November – Laura Rashley

Crazing – Lisa Hammond

Mission – Tara Powell

The Ride Back – Jo Ann Hoffman

Open Windows – Matt Mossman

Fishing for Bream – Ivan Young

Through a Glass Darkly – Debra Daniel

Please join us in celebrating Fall Lines and it’s contributors with a signing and reception on one or both of the following dates:

Sunday, June 8th at 4pm at Richland Library, 1471 Assembly Street in Columbia
RSVP on the Facebook event
Monday, June 9th at 6 pm (readings will start closer to 7) at Gallery West, 118 State Street in West Columbia


Pick up your Fall Lines this summer from one of the following primary distribution sites:

Richland Library — all branches

One Columbia on Taylor Street

USC Press on Devine Street

Jasper Studio at the Historic Arcade

Ed’s Editions in West Columbia

Gallery West in West Columbia

Trustus Theatre


iF Art

701 Whaley CCA


The Whig

Congratulations to the winners and the contributors and thanks once again to everyone whose individual efforts made a very important thing happen. Columbia now has her own literary journal — Fall Lines – a literary convergence.

— Cindi Boiter

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