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Back in the spring of 2012, Jasper asked you to write your own six word art essays. We gave you little prompting – just paper and pen. Here we present the best of the hundreds of entries we received.

Can you find your entry below? Congratulations! You’ve been published in Jasper Magazine!


No sir, I don’t like it! * Isla, she wolf of the 55. * Be good and you be lonesome. * Joyful art saves people, even Republicans. * Art is what you make it. * A feathered wing gave me flight. * A poem can hold the world. * Melodies in brain, blood, in veins. * Awesome you are, sayeth Master Yoda. * Where are Mona Lisa’s eye brows? * There is not a way out. * One day, this will be real. * I photographed your poem without permission. * It is only sly little worlds. * We are a work of art. * Brevity is the soul of art. * Music brought me my true love. * My art is my source code. * Life’s a mistake only art corrects. * Peace, love, happiness, joy, passion, gratitude. * Mentes abieratas llevan a puerta abieratas. * Educate, motivate, but above all create. * Always open to interpretation, never pretentious. * When in doubt, believe the best. * Art is cupcakes for dinner, yo. * Art was how we were born. * Nirvana and shadow cross the threshold. * Replete with honesty, art’s inner desires. * I lost my mind last time. * Dance like no one is watching. * Arthur, Guinevere, and Merlin in Camelot. * Dark night deep ditch cold dirt. * If I couldn’t paint, I’d faint. * Almost ready to create my art. * Art: the combustion of pain, joy. * Creative images transmitted into unimaginable beauty. * Art is an expression of us. * With the ocean, I see art.  * S’Just a matter of doing it. * My eyes feast on lush imagery. * 753273. 6253.87.9687.6463.7666. * To, fro. To, fro. Go! Go! * Poetry: the sweat of the soul.  * Break out in song with poetry. * Dot-dash-dot-dash-dot-dash. * Eth drow, no aibmuloc, stra, repast * Yes, breathe, yes, learn, yes, open. * Magic images crowd my unrelenting mind. * Learn left build beautiful, arresting, art. * What has been will never escape. * Syllables sashay dance leap, peel, away. * Renew, rejuvenate, resurrect our weary minds. * Make art you want to make. * I make my art to discover. * 16 78 33.5 45 Digital FREE. * Love life. Trust God. Work hard. *Art and fashion rule my life. * The sweet creamy center of Columbia. * Politics are personal. Art is politics. * Learning, socializing, networking, freedom, exploring love.  * Make art you want to make. * I make my art to discover. * Live in your world make art. * Art is worth every dime—spend! * Art is the best medicine, yes. * A pleasing cocoon of sound, color. * God’s refrigerator’s adorned with children’s art. * A president finally acknowledged my existence. * I write rather than sing badly. * Art can heal a broken heart. * Press play when your soul calls. * As long as it is meaningful. * Communication through someone else’s view point. * Rustling leaves, voices, floating across kaleidoscopes. * Art is good for your heart! * I am the Lord of Winterfell. * Born to boogie; boogie is art. * Clemson sucks like old, dead ducks. * My Garden of Eden is Art. *Art is all over my insides * Better on vinyl forts and music. *Orange, red, pink, teal, green, red. * Art love is not in vain. * Daisies blooming in the drizzling rain. * If I offend, it’s still beautiful. *My garden is my art project. * Wake up, look out, look in.* Art on my wall is good. * If I could I certainly would. * Create the culture you want, Columbia! * I love art, it loves me. * Jasper kicks ass for the arts! * Six words are not even enough. * Less is more, more or less. * At is good. Posers are bad. * Release day rain muses gather pearl. *There is no heart without art. * If music died, so would I. *If you’re living correctly, it’s everything. * Life distilled, enhanced, transformed, some bullshit. * It helps me breathe and live. * How I stitch my life together. * Music brings us all together. Sing! * You are what you art. Yep. * Soul, support, freedom opportunity, intelligence, sexy. * Columbia is the best city ever! * Without arts, our hearts are farts. * Words without words, but maybe some. * Musical notes floating like bright stars. * In creating, you become more alive. * Paint what you love, feel, know. * Art was art will art is. * Abandon all hope, ye who enters. * * I can’t. I have rehearsal. Damn! * See your folly! Go, go Godzilla! * Art is God’s gift to us! * Blank inspiration interface perfectly clear reflection. * Still life with shits and giggles. * Y’all don’t know me like that. * Dance now while you can today. * Painting color movement, love, music, fun! * Art inspires me to be myself. * Build it, break it, refactor it! * I can’t work without it. * Stay cool and smoke weed everyday. * Glad to be here! Woot Woot! * Artsy, artsy, artsy, art, art, art. * Choose to make it way better. * Poop can be art too, dude. * Making awesome shit all the time. * Fuck yes! This is really cool. * I hope my images outlive me. * I will never be the same. * Why you do it is why. * B-b-b-burn it down! * I believe in you, Robert Pearle. * Born. Lived South. Lived Well. Died. * Intro theory data, methods, analysis, conclusion. * The art of seduction? Yes, please! * Learning the rules to BREAK them! * Art, art, art, art, art, art. * Don’t explain your art to me. * See scene 24. FPS. Observe. Live. * Five, four, three, two, one, blastoff! * Pfft. My kid could draw that. * To COE or not to COE. * Expressions allow me to be free. * Rain, drip, drop, puddle, flow flood. * What can I say here but…. * Brewing is art. Art is beer. * A desperate soul imagines much chaos. * Art, art, good for your heart! * Is that art? Oh. Fuck me! * On angels’ wings lifting my soul! * Rain dampens spirit, then feeds life. * Two artists both alike in dignity… * Pictures and people who make them. * Imagination/ Unreality rendered/ Alive and gritty. * My soul mate—7, 3, 1! * Pouring emotions my soul is exposed. * Not Pete’s, but 4 art’s sake! Dreams that arrive keeping us awake. * I am the art, you see! *Art, schmart, heart, hurt, flirt words. * I came. I saw. I composed. * What’s life without art inside me. * Artists: Yell for art they nurture. * Life becomes nothing when art dies. * Moe! Larry! The cheese! Nyuk, Nyuk!  * Lather, rinse, repeat; Lather, rinse, repeat!  Question, my love is your answer. * I do what I want whenever. * Max, Shannon, Sara, Leslie, Phil, Shige! * Dream your dreams, wish your wishes * This is when we dance, yo! * I like other’s art; mine sucks. * Just art. Star, place either run. * Affirmation beauty hope fleeting stillness pain. * Happy, sad, good, bad, and fabulous. * To thine own art be true! * Fancy pants prance dance underpants glance. * Six word art essay, Jasper Magazine. * Tune out, turn off, jump in. * Push and pull tug of war. * Don’t text and drive, you dick! * GCSPS. Laying down the beats, daily. * Art is sometimes bad, it’s okay. * Art is the food of life. * I think, “I could’ve done that.” * Without art, my life would suck! * Breathe in the sound of creation. * A line becomes water becomes word. * Words are only observing the answer. * Yes! Marlon Brandon gave good face! * Hidden behind the veil no longer. * Colors, expression, people, place, things, sex. * This shit is just getting started. * Join art supporters, present energy Rovefied. * I’m glad y’all can do THIS. * Up, up, down, down, left, right. * A soul, a body, a mind. * Seeing “yes” in the word “no.” *

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