Life Awarded by Art at JDRF’s 15th Annual Wings of Love Gala — A guest blog by Dana Bruce

Each year around January I call Mark at the One Eared Cow and I say, “It’s that time again, make your magic happen!”  Mark and the One Eared Cow are responsible for the beautiful bowls that are now sitting on the shelves around the state, and United States, belonging to the JDRF Living and Giving Award honorees. The Living and Giving award is presented each year to a company, individual (s), or organization that gives back to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) and/or the Columbia community at large throughout their daily interactions.


Since 2000, a partnership with One Eared Cow has resulted in the distinguishable pieces that are as unique as each honoree and their contributions to JDRF and Columbia. JDRF is honored and proud to be able to give local art to the individuals that have done so much toward achieving its mission — finding a cure for type 1 diabetes and its complications through the support of research.


Fires forged the commissioned piece that has become the annual Living and Giving award presented to JDRF gala honorees since 2000 but it is this year’s honorees, Roger and Barbara Blau whose fired passion for a cure for type 1 diabetes, and embody giving back, despite the devastating loss that took their loved one.


While JDRF has benefitted from a long partnership with the Blaus, a partnership forged on love and devotion to family, Roger and Barbara Blaus’ generosity is felt in many organizations and charities around Columbia—notably so in the arts. Susan Lenz told me upon donating one of her pieces of art to our auction that the Blaus were incredibly supportive of her work. “They hang my piece in their office next to Brian Rutenberg,”, Susan is obviously truly honored to be within not only that artist’s company but also the Blaus’.


The Hearts and Heroes themed event expects to raise $250,000 on the night of March 3rd for JDRF through a seated dinner that includes a live and silent auction as well as an opportunity to donate to Fund a Cure. Fund a Cure is a 100% tax-deductible donation that goes directly to type 1 diabetes research.  Among many amazing items donated by South Carolina businesses, the Blaus’ love of art will be represented. The live auction boasts a catered dinner for 8 with Jack Brantly of Aberdeen Catering while enjoying a private concert by Marina Lomazov, orchestrated by the Blau family. Along with several works by local artists in the silent auction, renowned artist Christian Thee has donated a piece to support the Blaus that will be in the live auction.


For tickets or more information go to or call Dana Bruce at the JDRF office at 803-782-1477.

the making of an award - figure 1


figure 2


figure 3


figure 4 - with artist Tommy Lockhart of One Eared Cow Glass


figure 5


figure 6


Photos by Mark Woodham of One Eared Cow.

Dana Bruce is the Executive Director of the Palmetto Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

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